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Sealants & Fillings at Valley Smiles Dental Clinic in Chilliwack

We perform dental sealants for kids and dental sealants for adults. Dental sealants, unlike fillings, are preventive treatments conducted on the back end teeth, which are premolars and molars with deep crevices. The deep crevices are known to cause decay by hosting bacteria. Having them sealed early at Valley Smiles Dental Clininc prevents the cluster and settlement of decay-causing bacteria.

On the other hand, a dental filling is a procedure that is restorative or repairs after the damage has been done. The procedure involves filling the hole that has been created out of the decay. The decay is initially removed before the dental filling material is applied. The filling material options include composite, amalgam among others. At Valley Smiles Dental Clinic we mostly perform White ( Composite) Fillings

The process of application of dental fillings is similar to the sealant. However, the decaying part must be first cleaned and the decay removed before the materials are applied. Ultraviolet light (blue light) is also used to harden the surface before the patient’s bite is adjusted to complete the procedure.

Tooth-coloured Fillings - Composite fillings and fillings made out of glass ionomer materials are the same colour as your natural teeth.

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